We start by immersing ourselves in your business, your goals and what you’ve been doing to achieve them. We step back and break down every aspect of your business into tiny little building blocks. We look at what you do, how you do it and who you do it for? Once we have a clear understanding of you and your business, we start to build your brand from the ground up, setting the tone and direction of your corporate brand.

At Kay by Design we are strategists first, we take a customer-centric approach to your business and build a brand that tells the story your customers want to hear. At our heart we create solutions – strategically and creatively.


We begin with the right questions and for us this is a very process driven approach. Through our experience we’ve learned you need to lay a strong foundation to build your brand with a clear very clear plan and direction.


Your strategy is now developed into storytelling that has your customer at the very centre. We work with you to develop your brand into a living breathing entity which speaks for itself to your marketplace.


So, how do we turn you into a corporate brand standing proudly beside giants? Well, if you hadn’t guessed by now, we have a process.
It’s all about strategic thinking, customer-centric focus, immersive storytelling and design for impact. And, it starts with benchmarking.


We start with looking at your industry, market and customers to start formulating a picture of where you are placed. We research your brand as it stands right now and how it interacts with your current customer base. We then uncover what you do now and who you best serve. A benchmark is our starting point for developing a clear brand strategy.

As part of your benchmarking, we look at what those in the marketplace are doing that are getting the best results and where you fit.

Together, we will unpack your brand one block at a time and look at what is the essence of your brand. What are you doing right now that’s working? What’s not working and how can things work better?


The Ideology of your Brand.
We uncover why you do what you do and how you do it better than anyone else. Your brands principles and beliefs are the next part of the foundation. We will develop your brand values, mission, proposition and vision.

Creating your Brand Story
From a strong foundation we start building a solid structure though preparing your brand story. We will create key brand messages, product names, tagline and descriptors. Everything will come together to form a framework for copywriting.

Your Brand Personality
We will document a very clear brand personality so that as you scale you maintain consistency. Think brand voice, tone, key phrases, power words that will be used in all aspects of your print and digital presence.


Current Customer Experience
Here is where we will go through every customer touch point for your business. How they find you, how they interact with you digitally, face-to-face or in print. We’ll explore your visual identity and the messaging you use. We will do up a comprehensive report detailing our recommendation.

Customer-centric Touchpoints.
We will amp your customer journey, then brainstorm ways to make it memorable. We identify process improvements that can be automated when the time is right to achieve a consistent customer experience.


We take the observations made from your benchmarking, strategic thinking, customer-centric focus and immersive storytelling to create the look and feel for your brand. We create a brand identity to match your strategy that will attract your ideal customer through creative design.

Logo and visual identity
While a brand is not a logo there is no doubt that a brand is visual. Kay by Design creative team will develop a visual corporate brand identity which will position your business and appeal to your customers. As a team we will provide you with mark and logo concepts that will work across print and digital. We will develop your colour palette and font family to give your brand a strong consistent presence.

Style guide
Maintaining a strong brand requires consistency to maximise impact. Your customer needs to feel they are interacting with the same brand no matter who develops the content or visual material. We will develop a comprehensive style guide with design element guidelines to help you achieve a consistent result for years to come.


We are now so immersed in your brand and customer we begin to write your brand stories. Taking your key messages, taglines and descriptors we begin weaving the customer journey in words and visual. We develop website content, social media copy, product and service description alongside your brand story. At Kay by Design your brand is a living, breathing entity and we work side by side with you to bring it to life.

Whatever customer acquisition is?

Once you have established a strategic and visual brand identity it is time to implement your brand by creating your important customer touch points. The Kay by Design team of designers, animators, videographers, photographers, web developers, copywriters, journalists and public relations professionals can create these touch points under the direction of your brand strategist.

We will develop all your branded advertising and marketing material both digital and print with care, love and attention to detail. Your corporate brand will be consistent, effective and ready to stand beside giants.

Ways we can help.