People we sold magic beans too.


Your advocate when you are vulnerable.

Charlton Robinson + Associates provide legal solutions to business owners, associations and individuals wanting to plan for the worst while hoping for the best. The law is complex and multifaceted, they believe there can still be simple solutions available to everyone. They will ensure your business, personal assets and those you love the most are protected.

They believe the law was created for all but has not always been accessible or fair to all. Charlton Robinson + Associates have created a range of services using advances in technology to provide quality, affordable legal advice and representation. With their online division they are changing the way that legal does business.

Kay by Design have been privileged to develop this purpose driven legal brand.


Courageous Leadership inspires courageous action.

McDonald Inc. believes great organisations deserve great leaders and teams. They have been proudly providing leadership coaching and programs for more than a decade under the brands of Sonia McDonald and LHQ. As the business has grown and evolved, they have gone from being one to many.

With a mission to create communities of courageous, kind, authentic leaders who inspire, encourage and bring out the best in others, McDonald Inc has a passion for leadership. McDonald Inc.’s brand brings together the key skills needed by organisations – leadership, strategy, psychology and cultural transformation.

Kay by Design has been strategic in bringing this brand and its mission to life.


Kay by Design’s journey has been intertwined with our sister company Creative Content Co from the start. Sara Kay and Nadine McGrath met at a small networking event, and as they say the rest is history. Nadine’s love of storytelling combined with extracting the truth through

Nadine tells the stories brands need to connect with their target audience. She writes a bio that makes you leap from the page. Our resident journalist, storyteller and media liaison takes our media ready giants and guides them into the world. Journalism is a natural fit to Sara’s experience in business strategy and quality management.


Leadership is at the core of every great brand. With our strong corporate roots embedded in quality we recognise the value of continual improvement. Growth through developing our natural leadership qualities is important this is why we partner with McDonald Inc, to provide team building and leadership training.

As a brand Kay by Design works with Sonia McDonald to ensure that we cultivate a culture of authenticity, courage and kindness. We continue to develop ourselves as leaders while growing our giants.